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Ingredients: Vitamin C Serum


Ingredients: Water, lavender hydrosol, sodium ascorbyl phosphate, glycerin, phenoxyethanol and caprylyl glycol, propanediol, 1,3, hyaluronic acid, aloe 
vera extract, beta glucan, MSM (methylsulfonylmethane)

Potent antioxidant (shown to be able to protect skin from
oxidative damages) can improve appearance of aged and fragile skin. Widely
used as add-on ingredient in skin-lightening products to correct
hyperpigmentation and age spots.
Vitamin C - shown to be effective in increasing collagen deposits as well as
enhancing collagen lattice contractions, implying that exogenous Vitamin C
application contributes to strengthening the collagen framework and maintaining
a healthy dermis. Topical application of Vitamin C has been shown to reduce the
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, caused by mechanisms supporting collagen production, this leads to improving the appearance of the skin. It has
further been proven to reduce the severity of sunburns and age spots.
Hyaluronic Acid- one of the most powerful humectants known, provides smoothness & softening to the skin, excellent anti-wrinkle effects, ideal
ingredient after peelings, soothes irritated skin.
Beta Glucan: - a “protect and repair” molecule as it increases natural self- protecting capabilities of the skin and accelerates skin recovery. Due to its
high molecular weight, it also has good water-binding capacity and therefore moisturizing effects. Has been shown to stimulate collagen production invitro and can reduce appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Directions: Massage thoroughly over clean, but damp face and neck.